The Latest Global Warming Narrative Fail


According to a study headed by Dr. Jonathan Day, published in the journal The Cryosphere, global warming has just suffered another narrative fail.

Contrary to global warming, or climate change (or whatever they are calling it these days to fit the narrative) enthusiasts’ claim, Dr. Day and his fellow researchers have found that there has been no significant change to the Antarctic sea ice.

It was thought that the South Pole ice has declined significantly since the 1950s, a trend scientists have insisted is linked to the increased use in fossil fuels by man. But after in-depth research of the work from explorers Robert Falcon Scott and Ernest Shackleton, among others, it appears that conditions are “virtually identical” to the findings from an early 1900s exploration on the continent. This suggests that declines may be part of a natural cycle, not a product of man-made global warming.

“Scientists have only really looked at Antarctic sea ice levels from the 1950s onward, which shows a relative decline in sea ice. But Day’s study shows current Antarctic sea ice ‘is just 14 per cent smaller than at the highest point of the 1900s and 12 per cent bigger than than than the lowest point,’” notes The Daily Caller. 

“We know that sea ice in the Antarctic has increased slightly over the past 30 years, since satellite observations began. Scientists have been grappling to understand this trend in the context of global warming, but these new findings suggest it may not be anything new,” writes Dr. Day.

“If ice levels were as low a century ago as estimated in this research, then a similar increase may have occurred between then and the middle of the century, when previous studies suggest ice levels were far higher,” he adds.


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