No Doubts Left: It’s Dinosaur Protein


Mary Schweitzer’s team reports the most rigorous techniques yet to certify collagen in dinosaur bone. But will evolutionists finally give up their beloved millions of years?

Since 2005 and even earlier, Dr. Mary Schweitzer of North Carolina State has boldly charged against fossilized dogma, proving the existence of soft tissue in dinosaur bones. She still believes they are millions of years old, but has faced criticism and (more often) silence from her stubborn, incredulous colleagues. This response hasn’t fazed her. If anything, it has stimulated her to prove she’s right. Now, the latest press release from NC State announces, “80-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Collagen Confirmed.” Here’s their interpretation that rescues long ages by assertion:

Utilizing the most rigorous testing methods to date, researchers from North Carolina State University have isolated additional collagen peptides from an 80-million-year-old Brachylophosaurus. The work lends further support to the idea that organic molecules can persist in specimens tens of millions of years longer than originally believed and has implications for our ability to study the fossil record on the molecular level.

Brachylophosaurus is a mid-size hadrosaur, taller than a human. Before arguing whether it really is 80 million years old, it’s necessary to be absolutely certain that this is original soft tissue, not former tissue now turned into stone (“permineralized”). Schweitzer’s team has already presented more than enough evidence in multiple papers since her notorious “60 Minutes” interview that left the host gasping and Jack Horner dumbfounded. Now she drives the last nail in the coffin of doubts.

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